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1) There are certain challenging aspects of practicing hot yoga that we can’t, won’t (and don’t want to!) change.

The room will always be hot and humid. Our series will always be 26 postures long, and you can’t hire someone else to do the work for you. You will always have extra laundry to do on days when you practice.

But there is one sometimes stinky aspect of a hot yoga practice that we do have a solution for.

Goodbye, carpet! HELLO, ZEBRA FLOORING!

2) Zebra flooring is made from recycled materials, and is installed without the use of chemicals. (There’s a sample at the front desk if you’d like a sneak peek!)

3) The surface is easily cleanable with non-toxic, all natural solutions.

4) Although the floor does have a tiny amount of give (for happier joints and muscles) we don’t expect you to notice a difference during balancing postures.

5) We wish there was a flooring fairy who could come and put down the floor while we were all sleeping, but alas, no such thing.

It will take a full two days to transform the hot room, so Bikram Yoga Chelmsford will be closed on Tuesday, March 14 and Wednesday March 15. We plan to to re-open for the 6:30am class on Thursday, March 16.

6) We thank you in advance as we experiment with the logistics of practicing safely on a new floor surface.  You might have practiced at studios where students turn sideways on their mats during Triangle, for example, and we might try that. We’ll figure out the best way to keep class moving along safely and happily.

7) We also thank you in advance for cleaning up extra sweat around your mat after your practice.

8) A major change in the hot room can be challenging for those of us who love the routine of our practice.

But a change is also a great opportunity to experience your practice in a new way. You might want to use this push of the re-set button to experiment with another change, such as setting up in a new spot in the room, trying that posture you usually sit out, or skipping one of your habitual water breaks.

Change is good!

9) This refresh of the hot room is also a good reminder to set up your mat and water bottle in a way that’s considerate of the people practicing around you. There are days when it’s inevitable that we’ll be sharing arm space during Full Locust, but for the rest of the class, focusing on your own practice while also making sure the people around you have the room they need is much appreciated!

10) Teachers are here to answer your questions before and after class, about the floor or any other aspect of your practice. Let us know what’s on your mind!

–Ellen Olson-Brown Bikram Yoga Chelmsford

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