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When did you start practicing yoga?
I started practicing yoga at The Hot Yoga Factory in March of 2016.

Have you ever competed before?
I competed last year for the first time!

If yes, how was the experience?
The experience was full of so many emotions! I was terrified at the beginning, and probably throughout most of it, but at the same time it was exhilarating! I was proud I went so far out of my comfort zone to actually get up on that stage at Regionals, as well as twice at Nationals. The close-knit bond made with the team, was amazing! So much support with the entire team and true friendships that remain today. It was an experience of a lifetime!

Why did you decide to compete?
Last year, I decided (got talked into) competing because, after all, it was just a video! This year, I didn’t want to be left out of all the fun, so I had to again be a part of this incredible team! Kittery, here we come!!

What’s your favorite part of the competition?
My favorite part of the competition was the time spent with my teammates and awe-inspiring coaches! It is such an incredible feeling of accomplishment when you complete your routine and walk off that stage! Yes, walking off that stage is one of my favorite parts of the competition as well! Also, I was the most nervous person on the team last year, I am still nervous, but I have grown as a competitor and the nerves don’t feel quite as raw!

What’s your biggest takeaway from competing?
My biggest takeaway from competing is the fact that I actually did it! How amazing is that! To get up on that stage in a leotard, at my age was a feat in itself! To do 6 yoga postures in 3 minutes, in front of multiple judges, is intimidating, and I am back to do it again! To support my team and receive their support, it is an incredible experience.

Describe your experience in one word
One word to describe my experience…..evolving

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