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When did you start practicing yoga?
I began practicing yoga about 12 years ago.

Have you ever competed before?
No, this will be my first competition ever in Yoga

If yes, how was the experience?
No experience at all in this type of competition, I have competed on triathlons and road bike races before.

Why did you decide to compete?
I have seen the mental and health benefits that yoga has been bringing to my inner and outer life, combined equally the same with the multidimensional inspiration of my favorite yoga teacher, instructor cum mentor

What’s your favorite part of the competition?
I think I will enjoy the full dimension of the competition in part for the lack of experience, but I fill fully prepared.

What’s your biggest takeaway from competing?
The biggest gain is to achieve and reach a strong motivational pull to move to a higher yoga level, also the deep interaction with my other yoga athletes. Personally, helps me to study yoga more deeply and to explore other angles how yoga interacts with real life… “activities out of the mat”

Describe your experience in one word
Literally and metaphorically in one word will be: “highly educational” …well two words.

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