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  1. Yoga classes AND Hot Pilates classes both count. Double the fun!
  2. You can sign up for class using our new studio app! This lets you sign into classes ahead of time and put them in your calendar. The Hot Yoga Factory is always looking for ways to help you keep your commitment to your own health and happiness, and this tool will make it even easier. Download from The App Store or Google Play.
  3. Even if you don’t yet have a monthly membership, $99 will buy you unlimited yoga/Pilates from May 1 through May 30. That’s just $3.30 a class. Buy the package here now!
  4. Stickers. You get a sticker for each class you take. I mean, wow, stickers! (Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Putting stickers on a chart is just as exciting now as it was in kindergarten!)
  5. Daily practice is a great way to grow your understanding of the nuances of 26/2 yoga series and that will help you use alignment cues to strengthen and heal your body.
  6. More Hot Pilates classes will increase your strength and stamina. Seriously. Two or three classes a week, and you’ll be ripping off those triceps pushups!
  7. Yoga and Hot Pilates are great for your mood…you might want to prepare your friends and family for the new, even happier you!
  8. At some point during the month, you’ll probably take class with an unfamiliar teacher, at a time you don’t usually practice. It’s good for your body and your mind to shake things up a bit. Yes, you CAN handle the 6:30 am class! Give it a try!
  9. When you’re practicing a lot as the weather gets warmer, water tastes extra delicious. Fruit after class is also a revelation. And water and fruit are both good for you!
  10. If you do all 30-classes, you get a limited edition tank top! You heard right!
  11. The hundreds of people who come to the studio will be cheering you on. Feeling that amount of support is extremely uplifting.
  12. Since you’re allowed to take a double, you might try a yoga double for the first time. You might love it!
  13. Or  you could try a yoga/Hot Pilates double. A student who recently did this for the first time said that he felt “invincible” when he left the studio.
  14. Even if you end up not being able to do all 30 days, you’ll practice more than you usually do, and that’s a good thing. Sign up and see what happens!
  15. When you practice more, each individual class seems less “precious,” and you’re able to be curious and try new things. If you know you’ll be back to try Standing Bow Pulling tomorrow, maybe today’s the day you really go for it, even if that means you fall out.
  16. If you know you’ll be traveling, you can try a studio in a different city.
  17. In a pinch, you could try practicing at home. It’s not the same as being at the studio, but try this 90-minute recording by Esak Garcia.
  18. Perkville points! OMG, think of all those points!
  19. You’ll feel like you’re part of a team, and you’ll make new friends at the studio. We see this happen every year, and we’re really proud of how our yogis support and encourage each other.
  20. You might lose some weight, if this is a goal you have.
  21. Your friends might wonder what your up to and decide to take a class with you – it’s fun to practice with friends!
  22. The Thursday 12:00 pm Classic-84 Class counts! Great chance to try something new
  23. There are delicious drinks in the cooler to have after class.
  24. You get to experience the strange but awesome joy of Yoga Groundhog Day: that feeling when you stand up on your mat to begin Pranayama Breathing and think, “Didn’t I just do this? Oh well, I love it, let’s do it again!”
  25. Great excuse to buy a new mat, either as a motivator to get yourself to come to class or a reward at the end of the challenge.
  26. Ditto for some new yoga clothes.
  27. The discipline required to get yourself to the studio for 30 classes is a useful muscle to build, and you can leverage that mental strength when approaching other goals in your life.
  28. It’ll be more fun for the rest of us if you sign up.
  29. During Savasana, when the teacher asks, “Who’s doing the 30-Day Challenge?” you can raise your hand with pride.
  30. On May 31, you can extend it to a 31-Day Challenge and then…who knows?

–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory

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