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When you look at our class schedule, you will notice that almost every yoga class is listed as a “Beginner’s Class.”

What does that mean?

That means that every posture we do in class is appropriate and accessible for a first-time yogi, taking them through a “normal” range of motion.

It means that every posture, taught with very specific instructions, has access points for the yoga beginner as they build their strength, flexibility, balance, and focus.

It also means — very, very importantly — that beginners are welcome at our studio. Extremely welcome. 

It means, as we love to remind you, that all you need to do is breathe and do the best you can with the exact body and mind you have today. We will encourage you to work hard and to your potential, and also to take breaks when you need to.

It means that we happily answer questions before and after class and that we are genuinely impressed by incremental progress and the steady, small victories that come with your first days, weeks, and months in the hot room. It means that we love to see you getting healthier and happier as your yoga practice grows.

Part of what makes this yoga so amazing is that the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises seem to grow in potential as you grow as a yogi. You develop strength, your body opens up, you figure out how focus can help you balance, and soon you don’t feel like as much of a beginner. You can play with the postures, challenge your edge, take postures deeper.

You can practice for years, decades, and continue to learn new things.

Lately, you might have noticed some of your fellow yogis in the hot room trying some pretty remarkable postures/variations on postures. We have a crew of 20+ yoga athletes who are training for an upcoming yoga asana championship  (read more about that here!) and they are practicing before, during, and after the Beginner’s class.

It can be easy, especially as a newer student, to see someone doing postures that look more “Cirque de Soleil” than “Beginner” and worry that you might be in the wrong place. It can be easy to feel intimidated.

Please don’t worry. Please don’t be intimidated. Be interested. Be intrigued. Be inspired. 

And just keep practicing. Every person you see doing “amazing” things in the hot room started as a beginner, and then came to class again and again and again.  Everyone is amazing doing exactly (chime in here, you know how it goes!) the best they can with the body and brain they have today. It’s all yoga. It’s all good.

Here comes Terri and the new e84 class!

And here’s some exciting news, wherever you are along your yoga journey.

If you have a few Beginner’s classes under your belt, are feeling more comfortable in the hot room, and are interested in learning new poses and deeper expressions of some of the postures we do in the 26&2 series with some excellent instruction and encouragement, then you’re in luck!

Terri is back from her training in Bali this week, and will be teaching her first e84 Intermediate class this Saturday, October 27, at 9:30am.

Regular class rates apply, and we’ll have a blast!

–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford



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