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Time Truth #1: Sometimes You Just Can’t Help It.

It’s a rare yogi who has never been late to class.  

You have plenty of time to get to the studio, but 495 is a mess or you get stuck behind a school bus and then a garbage truck and then a student driver. The phone rings — that crucial call you’ve been waiting for all day — just as you’re leaving work. The babysitter is late, you oversleep, or maybe you just lose track of time. You grip the steering wheel and watch the minutes ticking away, and know there’s no way you’ll get to the studio on time. You’ll have to come in during Pranayama, maybe even the first set of Half Moon.

We’ve all been there.

Come to class anyway. 

Drive safely, enter the studio calmly, find a spot respectfully, and do your yoga.

We’re always glad you came.

Time Truth #2: Sometimes you can help it.

A 90-minute class plus time to transition in and out of the hot room plus a commute to and from the studio?

This practice does require a substantial time commitment.

The temptation to maximize every moment before class is great. (I speak from personal experience on this one!) I’ll just respond to this one email, empty the dishwasher, run an extra errand on the way to class. I don’t want to “waste” a single minute sitting in that room, waiting for things to start.

But every minute you invest this class – including the time you take at the beginning to get here, get changed, use the rest room, greet friends, make sure you have water, spread out your mat, and make the physical and attentional transition from the “real world” to the hot room – yields enormous dividends.

Give yourself the gift of a relaxed arrival.

Time Truth #3: Getting to class on time is good for your practice. 

Your practice benefits enormously from your readiness, physically and mentally, for class to begin on time.

You don’t want to miss even one breath of Pranayama. Every posture we do in this series is designed to lay a foundation for the postures that follow. Each time you miss Pranayama, you lose an opportunity to calm your nervous system, oxygenate your blood, mentally bring yourself into the room, join the group energy, and warm up your neck, shoulders and upper back for Half Moon.

Don’t miss a single moment if you don’t have to!

Time Truth #4: Getting to class on time is good for everyone’s practice. 

Distractions disrupt focus.

Late arrivals are distractions.

There’s just no getting around it. Every time the door opens, every time a person walks into the hot room, every time mats need to be shifted to make space, the meditative aspect of the yoga practice is interrupted.

We practice as individuals, and we also practice as a group.

As a group, we support everyone, we welcome everyone, and we want you in that room, whenever you can get there (see Time Truth #1).

As individuals who are all working hard to concentrate and meditate our way through a challenging 90-minute class, we want you there in the mirror, ten fingers interlocked, knuckles underneath your chin, ready to take that first inhale as a group.

We’re always glad you came. 

— Ellen Olson-Brown, Bikram Yoga Chelmsford


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