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May 2017 30-day challenge begins soon!

Let’s do it, challengers!

It’s this simple: The 30-day challenge changes lives.

I’ve seen it happen dozens of times.

A student has experienced the physical benefits of this therapeutic series, the mental benefits of 90 minutes of open-eyed moving meditation, the emotional benefits of being part of this optimistic, can-do community.

They pick up a Sharpie and write their name on the poster in the lobby.

May 1 finds the student nervous about what 30 straight days of yoga will entail, but determined and very curious.

They come to class. Pranayama to Kapalabhati, it’s the same class as always.

Again and again. Day after day. 1, 2, 3…11, 12, 13…21, 22, 23…

Bodies change. Postures change. Attitudes change. A wave of positive energy crests in the studio. Sooner than you can believe, the 30 days are up.

  • Some people lose weight during the challenge.
  • Some people increase their strength or their flexibility or both.
  • Some people figure out how to breathe through the overwhelm of Camel or how to pace themselves through two honest sets of Triangle.
  • And everyone who participates ends with a beautifully expanded sense of their own power, their own ability to commit to and achieve a challenging goal. Everyone who participates ends feeling more connected to the other yogis in the room, more a part of our community, more in charge of their own wellness and the trajectory of their lives. 

(Oh, and don’t forget: Everyone who successfully participates gets a special commemorative tank top!)

But here’s the thing. Sometimes a challenge rolls around and you look at your calendar and you think, “There’s just no way.” Travel, weddings, jury duty, finals, that big project at work. You could come to a lot of classes, but 30 in a row is not realistic.

We get it. We hear you.

But we still want you to participate! So….

For this challenge, we’re offering two options.


30 classes in 30 days. No doubles. Get. It. Done. Yoga, Hot Pilates, Yoga Sculpt: It all counts!


Sign up with a buddy (if you don’t have one, we’ll find you one!) and you each commit do doing at least 4 classes per week (yoga, Hot Pilates, Yoga Sculpt) for the month of May (no doubles). You don’t have to practice at the same time. You and your buddy are there to support each other and encourage each other to attend class.

(Looking for a buddy? Add your name to our “buddy wanted” list, and we’ll pair you up!)

And, to add to the excitement, on May 1st we also roll out our new rewards program through our partnership with Perkville! This program will allow you to earn points for studio-related activities, such as taking classes, checking in on Facebook, or referring a friend, and there will be special incentives during the challenge.

In addition to all the mental and physical benefits you will experience from participating in the challenge, the buddy team and individual with the most points will earn their next month of yoga on us! That’s right, one month of free yoga! We’re also awarding WAYMats, insulated water flasks and retail coupons to the top finishers in both challenges.

So, what are you waiting for? The challenge starts on Monday, and it’s going to be an amazing month!

–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford


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