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a person doing a yoga posture in the snow

Yes, I can still practice!

Well. Here we are. Another Nor’easter.

It’s incredibly rare that the studio closes, but these late winter snowstorms have really been packing a punch, and we want everyone to stay safe, so sometimes class must be canceled.

There’s really nothing like practicing in the well-warmed hot room with a teacher supporting you through class and fellow yogis keeping you company.

But did you know that in a pinch you can practice at home? In fact, unrolling your yoga mat and working your way through the 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises all by your sweet self can be a very empowering experience.

Give it a try. And when Mother Nature is done with her latest round of shenanigans, we’ll be in the hot room waiting for you.

A few pointers if you do decide to give home practice a try:

  • Remember that when you are in class the heat is a very important tool, which loosens and softens your muscles, allowing you to move more deeply into postures. If you can, turn the heat up, or if your bathroom is big enough, run the shower a bit to get the room warm and humid, and practice in there! Even if you do turn up the heat, and especially if you don’t, ease very slowly into postures, and pay close attention to the point where your body says, “Enough.”
  • If you have a mirror, great, but you don’t need one. After all of your experience using the mirror in class, it can be a great learning experience to try the postures only “by feel.”
  • Do the postures in the proper sequence. The series is designed so that each posture prepares your body for the ones that follow.
  • It is okay to do a shorter version of the series. Only the first four postures of the standing series? Sure. One set of each posture? Sure! Some yoga is better than no yoga. Try to do some Final Breathing and give yourself at least a minute of Savasana at the end of your practice.
  • This is a recording of the class, taught by Esak Garcia, an extremely experienced teacher of the 26/2 series that we do at The Hot Yoga Factory. Enjoy!

Can’t wait to see you back at the studio!

–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford


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