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26 08, 2018

Why Should I do a 30 Day Challenge?


Food for thought Why should I do a 30 Day Challenge? If you were to ask Mr. Jerry Fry that question, he would have answered, “because I said so and that’s all the reason you need.” When I was growing up in the 60's and 70's, beginning a [...]

Why Should I do a 30 Day Challenge?2018-08-26T05:22:40-05:00
15 05, 2018

30-Day Challenge Update: Doubles, Anyone?


Here we are, halfway the way through the May 30-day challenge, and it's wonderful to see stickers accumulating next to so many names. It's even better to see your happy, glowing faces in class more often. Good for you for setting goals and showing up for yourself. Thank you for [...]

30-Day Challenge Update: Doubles, Anyone?2018-05-15T11:50:14-05:00
27 04, 2018

30 Reasons to Sign Up for the 30-Day Challenge


Yoga classes AND Hot Pilates classes both count. Double the fun! You can sign up for class using our new studio app! This lets you sign into classes ahead of time and put them in your calendar. The Hot Yoga Factory is always looking for ways to help you keep [...]

30 Reasons to Sign Up for the 30-Day Challenge2018-04-27T20:46:50-05:00
26 08, 2017

Days In a Row – Sign Up For the September Challenge!


This past week, I practiced six days in a row, and I loved it.  I haven't practiced six consecutive days since I returned from teacher training last August. Now that much of my time at the studio is (happily!) spent on the podium, I usually practice three to five days [...]

Days In a Row – Sign Up For the September Challenge!2018-01-21T09:40:26-05:00
3 05, 2017

Pan-Mass Challenge Donation Class, May 6


In a packed class at HYF, there's a good chance that you're practicing near someone whose life has been touched by cancer. Scratch the surface, and you will find yogis who practice through diagnosis and treatment; yogis who are supporting loved ones with cancer; yogis who are gratefully recovered, and yogis who find [...]

Pan-Mass Challenge Donation Class, May 62018-01-21T09:40:29-05:00
27 04, 2017

Buddy Up, Challengers!


Let's do it, challengers! It's this simple: The 30-day challenge changes lives. I've seen it happen dozens of times. A student has experienced the physical benefits of this therapeutic series, the mental benefits of 90 minutes of open-eyed moving meditation, the emotional benefits of being part of this optimistic, [...]

Buddy Up, Challengers!2018-01-21T09:40:29-05:00