21 07, 2018

Making friends with Standing Deep Breathing


Recently, a few students in the lobby confessed that they really dislike the breathing exercise we do at the beginning of class, Pranayama or Standing Deep Breathing. Oh boy, could I relate to their complaints! I used to really struggle through both sets. My shoulders were sore and tired, my [...]

Making friends with Standing Deep Breathing2018-07-21T18:52:15-05:00
13 02, 2018

B.A.D. is so GOOD!


Remember the "order of operations" from algebra class? Parentheses, then Exponents, then Multiplication and Division and finally Addition and Subtraction. Maybe a high school math teacher had you memorize the phrase, "Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally" so that you could attack intimidating equations in a way that would lead to [...]

B.A.D. is so GOOD!2018-02-13T13:14:46-05:00