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5 10, 2018

October 2018 HYF Hotshot: Debbie Butts


Not long ago, I had just pulled into a parking space at The Hot Yoga Factory with my teenage sons, when a fellow yogi drove up and parked next to us. Both boys said, in the fondest way, "Hey, it's Debbie!" That's a common reaction to finding yourself in the [...]

October 2018 HYF Hotshot: Debbie Butts2018-10-05T12:19:01-05:00
13 07, 2018

HYF July 2018 Hotshot: Leslie O’Neil


Leslie O'Neil is a lovely person and a beautiful, shining example of the benefits that come from a consistent, dedicated, brave, and open-minded yoga practice. In the two years that she's been coming to The Hot Yoga Factory, she's grown remarkably as a yogi, developing not only strength, balance, and [...]

HYF July 2018 Hotshot: Leslie O’Neil2018-07-13T20:38:32-05:00
15 05, 2018

30-Day Challenge Update: Doubles, Anyone?


Here we are, halfway the way through the May 30-day challenge, and it's wonderful to see stickers accumulating next to so many names. It's even better to see your happy, glowing faces in class more often. Good for you for setting goals and showing up for yourself. Thank you for [...]

30-Day Challenge Update: Doubles, Anyone?2018-05-15T11:50:14-05:00
2 04, 2018

April 2018 Posture/Move of the Month: Fixed Firm/Frog Squat


Every month, we choose a posture from the 26/2 yoga series and a related move from our Hot Pilates classes and highlight those with extra instruction during class. This gives students a chance to develop a deeper understanding of alignment and body mechanics, and ultimately get a better results from [...]

April 2018 Posture/Move of the Month: Fixed Firm/Frog Squat2018-04-02T20:13:44-05:00
24 03, 2018

Meet the Teacher: Cindy Reardon


If you haven't had the chance to take one of Cindy Reardon's Friday morning yoga or Hot Pilates classes at The Hot Yoga Factory, we hope you'll find time for one soon. She always brings plenty of high-optimism, high-octane energy into the hot room, and she aims to connect with [...]

Meet the Teacher: Cindy Reardon2018-03-24T14:45:31-05:00
26 02, 2018

Special Donation Hot Pilates Class for 50 Legs


The Hot Yoga Factory community is full of kind, hard-working people who not only take good care of themselves, but also are generous with their time and resources in the world outside the hot room. People like Carmen Acabbo. Carmen works closely with an organization called 50 Legs, which helps [...]

Special Donation Hot Pilates Class for 50 Legs2019-10-21T08:34:03-05:00
30 12, 2017

365 Shiny New Days! How Will Your Practice Grow in 2018?


When it comes to New Year's Resolutions, I'm a firm believer in small, incremental goals, achieved over a realistic period of time. Steps, drops in a bucket, pennies. It all adds up. A small goal is initially less dramatic, but almost always more sustainable over time. And over time - [...]

365 Shiny New Days! How Will Your Practice Grow in 2018?2018-01-21T09:40:23-05:00
23 10, 2017

Burn it Up with a Special Inferno Hot Pilates Class!


Better bridges. Powerful planks. inCRedible crunches. Superior squats. Bodacious burpees. These are just a few of the fun, challenging, and super-effective exercises you'll learn more about at The Hot Yoga Factory's Hot Pilates Fundamentals class this Friday! That's right! Friday, October 27, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, The Hot Yoga [...]

Burn it Up with a Special Inferno Hot Pilates Class!2018-01-21T09:40:25-05:00
1 06, 2017

HYF June 2017 Hotshots: Val Tucker and Tom Enis


Doing yoga you love with someone you love is a beautiful (and sometimes hilarious) thing. When the people who love each other are Val Tucker and Tom Enis, it's not just the two of them who benefit from their partnered-up practice. Super positive, hard-working, and dedicated, they add good energy to the whole studio. Val [...]

HYF June 2017 Hotshots: Val Tucker and Tom Enis2018-01-21T09:40:28-05:00
3 05, 2017

Pan-Mass Challenge Donation Class, May 6


In a packed class at HYF, there's a good chance that you're practicing near someone whose life has been touched by cancer. Scratch the surface, and you will find yogis who practice through diagnosis and treatment; yogis who are supporting loved ones with cancer; yogis who are gratefully recovered, and yogis who find [...]

Pan-Mass Challenge Donation Class, May 62018-01-21T09:40:29-05:00