15 05, 2018

30-Day Challenge Update: Doubles, Anyone?


Here we are, halfway the way through the May 30-day challenge, and it's wonderful to see stickers accumulating next to so many names. It's even better to see your happy, glowing faces in class more often. Good for you for setting goals and showing up for yourself. Thank you for [...]

30-Day Challenge Update: Doubles, Anyone?2018-05-15T11:50:14-05:00
16 12, 2016

Hydration: Not Just for Summer, Yogis!


Unpacking my yoga gear yesterday, I was surprised to find that even though my mat/towel and clothes were just as drenched and heavy as they always are when I heave them into the washing machine, my water bottle was only half empty. I usually drain the last drop of ice water from [...]

Hydration: Not Just for Summer, Yogis!2018-01-21T09:40:33-05:00