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24 01, 2019

Meet the Teacher: Gillian Brown


Oh, Gillian! We are so lucky to have Gillian Brown as a teacher at THYF. Easy breezy, and helpful at the front desk, she subtly brings out a whole different side when she's on the podium or leading you through an Inferno Hot Pilates class or showing you how to [...]

Meet the Teacher: Gillian Brown2019-01-24T19:59:37-05:00
24 03, 2018

Meet the Teacher: Cindy Reardon


If you haven't had the chance to take one of Cindy Reardon's Friday morning yoga or Hot Pilates classes at The Hot Yoga Factory, we hope you'll find time for one soon. She always brings plenty of high-optimism, high-octane energy into the hot room, and she aims to connect with [...]

Meet the Teacher: Cindy Reardon2018-03-24T14:45:31-05:00
5 12, 2017

Meet the Teacher: Ellen Olson-Brown


I’ve tried to recall when I first met Ellen Olson-Brown. That meeting is lost in the misty depths of time, hundreds of yoga classes, and thousands of students taught. What I do remember is seeing her showing up day after day, week after week for class and feeling her presence. [...]

Meet the Teacher: Ellen Olson-Brown2018-01-21T09:40:23-05:00
23 10, 2017

Burn it Up with a Special Inferno Hot Pilates Class!


Better bridges. Powerful planks. inCRedible crunches. Superior squats. Bodacious burpees. These are just a few of the fun, challenging, and super-effective exercises you'll learn more about at The Hot Yoga Factory's Hot Pilates Fundamentals class this Friday! That's right! Friday, October 27, from 6:30 to 8:00 pm, The Hot Yoga [...]

Burn it Up with a Special Inferno Hot Pilates Class!2018-01-21T09:40:25-05:00
8 09, 2017

Meet the Teacher: Larry Kovner


We're so happy that this month you have a chance to get to know Larry Kovner, HYF teacher. Calm and steady, compassionate and knowledgable, students are in such good hands when Larry's on the podium! Read on to learn more about what makes him such a positive, effective teacher! Tell [...]

Meet the Teacher: Larry Kovner2018-01-21T09:40:26-05:00
14 07, 2017

Meet the Teacher: Sunny Shattuck


On Wednesday evenings, the weather at The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford is 100% Sunny! If you haven't made it to Sunny's weekly 4:30 or 6:30 classes, make sure and give one a try - you're in for a treat! Sunny combines warm, compassionate energy with tons of experience teaching and [...]

Meet the Teacher: Sunny Shattuck2018-01-21T09:40:27-05:00
27 02, 2017

Meet the Teacher: Corlese Todd


If I had to pick one word to describe Corlese Todd, it would be powerhouse. No, I changed my mind, I'd choose the word focused. Then again, positive describes her so well too. If I got to pick three words to describe Corlese? She is a focused, positive powerhouse! You see it in [...]

Meet the Teacher: Corlese Todd2018-01-21T09:40:31-05:00
14 02, 2017

Meet the Teacher: Louise Giordani


What is it about a class with Louise Giordani? You know you're going to WORK and (mostly!) love it. You might set a personal backbending record during Half Moon Pose or hold a beautiful, strong Cobra like the yoga rockstar you've always secretly known you are. "Can you believe it?" With Louise leading [...]

Meet the Teacher: Louise Giordani2018-01-21T09:40:32-05:00
11 01, 2017

Meet The Teacher: John Salvatore at BYC!


Have you signed up yet for the Master Class with John Salvatore on Saturday, January 21? It's always illuminating to practice with a teacher whose class you've never taken, and when that teacher is as experienced, enthusiastic, and vibrant as "Johnnie Sal," you're sure to gain a whole new perspective [...]

Meet The Teacher: John Salvatore at BYC!2018-01-21T09:40:32-05:00
27 11, 2016

Meet the Teacher: Happy Yogaversary, Terri Fry!


"I can, I will." That phrase, called out during Balancing Stick or before the final Triangle Pose is just one of the tools that Terri Fry, the owner of Bikram Yoga Chelmsford, uses to bring out the best in students. Whether she is greeting students at the front desk, helping yogis choose colorful new outfits, [...]

Meet the Teacher: Happy Yogaversary, Terri Fry!2018-01-21T09:40:35-05:00