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11 09, 2018

All Questions are Good Questions!


Every so often, a person will call out a question about a specific posture during class. It's almost always a good, relevant question, and if it can be answered in a sentence or two or with a quick visual, the teacher is happy to answer. But the 90-minute class is [...]

All Questions are Good Questions!2018-09-11T12:10:02-05:00
8 11, 2017

Join the HYF Yoga Competition Training Team!


I could write a long, convincing essay about why Gillian and I would love to have you on the HYF training team in preparation for the 2018 Yoga Asana Championships coordinated by USA Yoga. But let's keep it simple. 5 Reasons You Should Train for Competition This Year: It's not [...]

Join the HYF Yoga Competition Training Team!2018-01-21T09:40:24-05:00