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In February, you can try a brand new class at The Hot Yoga Factory!

Yin Yoga

Sundays, February 10, 17, 24


Curious? Read on, and if you still have questions, please contact us at the studio!

What is Yin Yoga, anyway? 

You’ve probably heard of the concepts of yin and yang, and seen a yin/yang symbol. Very generally speaking, yang describes things that are hot, active, energetic, and dynamic, while yin is used to describe things that are cool, stable, still, and yielding. The Chinese character for “yin” describes the shady side of a hill while the character for “yang” refers to the sunny side of a hill.

Our 26&2 Beginner’s class, the E84 Intermediate class, Buti Yoga, and Inferno Hot Pilates classes all fall loosely under the category of “yang” forms of exercise, specifically targeting the “yang” (mostly blood-fed) tissues of the body by moving it through repetitive and rhythmic contraction of muscles.

Yin Yoga specifically targets dense connective tissues, joints, and the fascia that runs throughout the entire body by bringing the body into passive, static postures (usually on the floor) that are held for relatively long periods of time, generally between 2 and 6 minutes. Although some muscles are used to maintain the postures, and we occasionally do “yang” postures, the emphasis is on muscle relaxation, which allows the connective tissue to be stimulated in a way that leads to better hydration, strength, and resilience. Just as with yang styles of yoga, there are also energetic and mental benefits to explore.

There is no hierarchy between yin and yang; one is not “better” than the other. The hope is that you will participate in a variety of classes that benefit your body and mind in a variety of ways.

Is this class good for beginners?

Yes! Like the other classes we offer at THYF, beginners will be able to jump right in, and as people’s practices deepen, they’ll find more and more to learn.

How about people with injuries?

Of course, always check with your doctor, but all of the postures can be modified so that you’re able to gain healing benefits.

What should I wear? Will the room be heated?

Since so many of our classes are heated, it’s likely that there will be some residual warmth in the room, but it will not be hot. Capris/leggings/athletic pants and a tank or tee should do the trick. You might want to bring a long-sleeved shirt or sweatshirt to wear during savasana, which is fairly long.

Do I need to bring anything special with me?

  • You’ll need a mat to practice on.
  • A blanket (or even an extra WAY mat) can be helpful for postures where your body needs support.
  • If you have yoga blocks, bring them too, ditto for a bolster or meditation cushion or pillow.
  • If you don’t have any of these items, no worries – we’ll figure it out together!

Do I have to come to all three classes in February? Is there an extra charge for classes?

Come when it works for you – we’ll be happy to have you! Regular class rates apply.

Can I take the 4:30pm Original 26 & 2 Beginner’s Yoga class right before or after taking Yin?

Yes. Different people will enjoy/appreciate different combinations of classes, so feel free to experiment and figure out what works for you!

–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford

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