The studio will open 15 minutes before class and close 15 minutes after class. Plan to be on your mat and ready to go at least 5 minutes before the class begins. Late admittance to class will not allowed. Check into class using curbside check in through our app. Click for more details:

Shoes and outerwear are to be left in the long hallway. The changing rooms are closed and may not be used. The only personal items allowed in the studio are your towel, mat, water, and keys. Please leave all other personal items in your car, this includes your cell phone.

Stop at the front desk to sanitize your hands and to say hi! Proceed down the long hallway, remove your shoes and outerwear, and enter the hot room from the door by the rest rooms. Please do not use the lobby door to enter the hot room.

Masks must always be worn when in the studio. You may take your mask off once you’ve set up your yoga mat. Please put it back on when leaving class.


THYF fire code occupancy is 50 people. We may safely host a max of 7-10 people inside the facility at a time. We kindly requesting you limit the number of classes you reserve at the studio to no more than 1 – 2 per week. If you register for more, you may be removed from the class.

Facility Standards

We have made best practice changes to the facility flow and layout to keep you and our team safe. All surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized after every class. Rest rooms will be sanitized during class as well. Showers are not available; please plan accordingly and minimize the time you spend in the restrooms.

The hot room floor will be cleaned and sanitized after every class. The hot room will be aired out and all contact surfaces sanitized. Additionally, the air in the hot room is filtered during class utilizing REMO HALO® technology and will run after class as well. See links for more information on how the system works.

Yoga Mat Placement

Placement of yoga mats will be marked on the floor. Please place your mat where indicated. You must have a towel which covers your entire yoga mat. Healthy sweaters, please bring an extra towel. Towel rentals will not be available. Insulated water bottles are preferred. If you do not have one, plan on bringing a towel to place your water bottle on so it doesn’t “sweat” on the floor.

In Facility Policies

  • THYF team will sanitize all entry surfaces prior to & after each class.
  • Towel and mat rentals are no longer available.
  • Showers are not available.
  • Food items will not be permitted inside THYF.
  • For sanitary purposes, the water cooler will be temporarily unavailable. Water may be brought in or purchased. The container must be labeled, or it will be thrown away. Any bottles of personal items left behind will be discarded the same day.
  • Please use discretion and plan accordingly to limit bathroom use as little as possible.


At the end of class, please exit through the door by the restrooms and proceed back down the long hallway. Roll your yoga mat and towel in such a way that it does not drip all over the floor. The best practice is to roll it up and bend into a “U” shape with the top of the “U” facing upwards so as not to drip sweat on the floor. Lingering in the hot room or lobby is not permitted. THYF team will immediately sanitize in preparation for the next class.

Product Purchases

THYF Staff will check out member purchases. All packages may be purchased online through our website or our app. Purchases in the studio can only be made with a credit card on file. Please, no cash. If you do not have a credit card on file with us, use this link to add one. Please use this link only and not our app to add a credit card.

It’s Easy Update Your Information Online

You can update your billing information or add a credit card to your account in a matter of seconds. Here’s all you need to do:
1. Go to
2. Log in. (Your username is your email address)
3. Follow the instructions on the screen.