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This past week, I practiced six days in a row, and I loved it. 

I haven’t practiced six consecutive days since I returned from teacher training last August. Now that much of my time at the studio is (happily!) spent on the podium, I usually practice three to five days a week, stringing together three days at a time at the very most.

This is fine. My practice ebbs and flows with whatever else is happening in my life, and I find that as long as I can make it to at least three classes a week, my body and brain hum together nicely and my postures continue to evolve.

However, there is simply no denying that there are things that happen during a long run of consecutive classes. What are those things?

  • I’m happier. I’m less stressed and more appreciative of the people and world around me. This is just true. The more consistent my yoga practice, the better it feels to be me.
  • I can feel noticeable movement in my hips and lower back in the postures that are bugbears for me – Standing Separate Leg Stretching and Final Stretching. I struggle less to get deeper, and the postures actually feel good.
  • I eat better. I am a ridiculous sugar-hound, and my cravings for carbs drop when I’m practicing nearly daily.
  • I am eager to get back to the studio. Practicing consistently, persistently creates a virtuous cycle. The more I practice, the more I want to practice. The stronger I feel, the more I look forward to my time on the mat.

The September 30-Day challenge is the perfect opportunity for you to feel the benefits of practicing more often, more consistently, perhaps even for 30 days in a row!

You have two options beginning on September 1st.


30 classes in 30 days. No doubles. Get. It. Done. Yoga, Hot Pilates: It all counts!


There’s still plenty of room for your names, challengers! Sign up now!

Sign up with a buddy (if you don’t have one, we’ll find you one!) and you each commit do doing at least 4 classes per week (yoga or Hot Pilates) for the month of September (no doubles). You don’t have to practice at the same time. You and your buddy are there to support each other and encourage each other to attend class. We launched this option during last May’s challenge, and it was extremely motivating!

Looking for a buddy? Add your name to our “buddy wanted” list, and we’ll pair you up!

Remember: the coveted, specially designed HYF 30-day challenge t-shirt will be bestowed upon each person who completes the challenge.

In addition, The Hot Yoga Factory will offer special opportunities during the challenge to earn extra points through Perkville. Play your cards right, and you could end the month with a healthier body, a happier mind, a new t-shirt, and enough points for some sweet rewards!

Who’s in? I am!

–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford

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