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Date(s) - 09/17/2017
2:30 pm - 3:30 pm

The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford


Candice Trudel, member at The Hot Yoga Factory.

What is Ayurveda and how can it make YOU feel better?

Introduction to Ayurveda: The sister science of yoga & original science of health & healing

with Candice Trudel

Sunday, September 17th from 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm

Cost $25

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Ayurveda is translated as “The science of life”.  This 1 hour workshop will introduce you to this over 5000 year old system of medicine and how it is still applied today.  Originally Ayurveda was practiced alongside its sister science, yoga.  Through the years yoga took off in the west while the beauty and wisdom of Ayurveda was left behind.  Using the philosophies of Ayurveda and yoga, balance can be brought back to body, mind, soul, and senses to prevent disease and support longevity of life.  Ayurveda recognizes that each person was born with a unique composition and that health is restored and maintained through an individualized approach.

You will learn about:

  • History of Ayurveda
  • How the 5 great elements define all of life
  • How to restore balance to your own unique elemental makeup
  • Why an individualized Ayurvedic approach to diet and lifestyle is necessary to achieve optimal health


Candice Trudel has been practicing at The Hot Yoga Factory for 5 years along with her husband Phill.  Candice has master’s degrees in Holistic Nutrition, Clinical Laboratory Sciences and Nutritional Sciences and is certified from the Kripalu School of Yoga and Ayurveda as an Ayurvedic Health Counselor.  She works at Living Natural Family Medicine & Natural Healthcare as a Holistic Nutritionist and Ayurvedic Health Counselor.  She is a survivor of Lyme disease and credits this to the work of natural, western and Ayurvedic medicine as well as a regular yoga practice.  It is her goal to help others find their way back to health and happiness through the tools that nature gave us.

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