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After class one day, I asked a dedicated, hard-working student if I’d see her at Louise’s Yoga Lab class next Tuesday. I knew she’d love it.

“Oh, no, I don’t think I’m ready for something like that!” she said.

Her answer honestly surprised me. “Of course you’re ready,” I told her.

But our conversation made me think.

Since the Yoga Lab is a new offering at The Hot Yoga Factory, people might not completely understand the kind of yoga student this class is designed for. So let’s make things crystal clear.

Who is the Yoga Lab for?

The Yoga Lab is for everyone.

Yes, you read correctly. Everyone.

If you have two classes under your belt or have been practicing for years?

This class is for you.

If you have a spine made of butter or one made of steel?

This class is for you.

If you can put your forehead on your knee during Standing Head to Knee and hold it there until the cows come home, or if you are working to get your standing knee locked?

This class is for you.

If you would like to take your practice more seriously or if you’d like to find more playfulness and joy on your mat?

This class is for you.

If you have a purple mat or if you have a yellow one?

You get the picture.

This class is for you! Sign up, and join the fun!

Louise Giordani, Senior Teacher at The Hot Yoga Factory.

Louise brings three wonderful qualities as a teacher to this class:

  • She has a deep, deep understanding of the yoga we do, and also of the Classic 84 postures from which the 26/2 is drawn.
  • She is skilled at coaching students through mental and physical “stuck places” so that they can find movement and strength they might not have understood was there.
  • She is responsive to the people who are in the room with her, with the exact bodies and brains they arrived with, wherever people are in their practice. Louise will begin class with a plan in mind, but your specific questions and goals will be incorporated.

Tuesday October 3 through Tuesday October 24, 11:30 to 12:45.

Let’s do it!

The 26 postures that you already know will provide the foundation for this class, so you are absolutely ready to get started. Sign up today! 

If you practice at the 9:30 am class before Yoga Lab (no, you do not have to, but if you’ve never given yourself the gift of a yoga-filled day, why not give it a try!), you’ll need a fresh towel/mat, a change of clothes if you want, and perhaps a piece of fruit or sports drink or coconut water to refresh and rehydrate you between classes. Other than that, just bring you, and have fun!

-Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford

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