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Curious about Sunday morning Family Yoga at The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford? You’ve come to the right place!

Who?  Family Yoga is for all humans ages 7 and up who want to have fun challenging their bodies and minds to get stronger, healthier, and more flexible.

We’re hoping to inspire family members to practice together, but everyone is welcome; you are not required to bring a child with you, and children 11 and older can come without a parent.

What? 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises, the same as we do in the regular beginner’s class. We skip the second set of some postures, so the class is slightly shorter (75 minutes). The heat is generally in the mid to upper 80s.

Where? The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford.

When? Every Sunday morning, 9:30-10:45 am, through Sunday, August 28.

How? Simply come to the studio in time to register and set up (15-20 minutes early if it’s your first class), and bring a mat, beach/bath towel, and filled water bottle for each family member. (We do have mats, towels, and cold beverages available for purchase/rental at the studio.) Wear clothes that are comfortable to move and stretch in. Regular class rates apply for adults. Kids drop in for $10 a class, $8 if a parent is a member.

Why?  So many people have had the experience of falling in love with the way this practice makes them feel, and want to share it with friends and loved ones. Students often wonder how fantastic they’d feel now if  they had started this practice when they were teenagers or even younger.

We’ve noticed that when kids do come to the regular beginner’s class with their parents, many of them admirably make it through the 90 minutes and notice that they feel fantastic afterward, but then they resist coming back into the heat and intensity. It’s just too much. It can also feel uncomfortable to be the only kid in a sea of adults.

This makes sense. Bodies that are still developing don’t sweat as efficiently as adults. Kids also don’t have the motivation (to lose weight, work through injuries, maintain health) that sustains adults through the depth and intensity that make this series, in the heated room, so powerful and effective.

Like the Youth Yoga class (which returns in September!) Family Yoga meets kids where they are. Easing up on the heat and the length of the class creates an environment where young yogis can learn and grow. They are challenged without being overwhelmed.

Exercising as a family builds positive habits, and gives parents and kids the opportunity to stand side-by-side, look in the mirror and see each other as strong, capable, and beautiful. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that there is nothing like putting aside the stress of herding children through busy days to do yoga together. The hours after yoga are some of the sweetest I spend with my sons, who are usually in an especially good mood after class. Yoga releases tension and boosts endorphins, as well as building focus, determination, and self-confidence – – and what family couldn’t benefit from that combo?

We are grateful to students for making families feel welcome on Sunday mornings, and also for being open minded when the 9:30 am Sunday is the only practice option. The feedback we’ve gotten so far is that it’s definitely less sweaty, but still a challenging class, and that it’s interesting to approach the practice from a slightly different angle.

If you have any specific questions that haven’t been answered here, please be sure to ask!

— Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford



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