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Have you ever woken up in the morning with an idea in your head completely formed and crafted to just what you wanted?

I mean, POW, it’s there! Like magic.

And you know deep in your gut that it’s right? That it’s something strong, powerful with endless possibilities?

It happened for me in a BIG way in September when I was attending the MINDBODY BOLD conference in San Diego, CA.

MINDBODY Online is the business software we use at the studio, and every year they host a Health & Wellness industry conference for their customers. I attended for the first time this year and was blown away by the power of this amazing event. Like-minded business entrepreneurs from around the globe and across many different fitness modalities gathered for three days of intensive learning, networking and exploration of trends within the Health & Wellness industry.

The overall theme of the meeting as conveyed by the executives of MINDBODY and our amazing keynote speakers, Arianna Huffington and Magic Johnson, was the revolution we as fitness professionals are waging every day – The Wellness Revolution!

The Wellness Revolution.

I liked it!

The thought of being part of helping people live better, happier, healthier lives filled me with a sense of purpose, of being part of something bigger than myself, bigger than my own studio, of being part of an extraordinary movement. It energized me to my core.

But what to do, how to do? What could I, little old me, do with this newfound sense of mission and purpose? How could I take this feeling and translate into something tangible and actionable that could be implemented at The Hot Yoga Factory?

What to do, how to do? Like a mantra, it kept running through my head throughout all the first day and into the second day. What to do, how to do? On the last day, as I drifted up from sleep, POW, it was there:

Get Well. Stay Well. Live Well.

On 01/01/2018 The Wellness Revolution begins at The Hot Yoga Factory!

Get Well, Stay Well, Live Well!                        “Yoga” tank courtesy of The Real Thug Yoga, tie dye shorts by Everywear Activewear. 




Throughout next year and beyond we will provide you with all manner of resources to help YOU meet your wellness goals. From workshops, retreats, reading lists, recipes and more you can count on us to be there supporting you on your path to GET WELL. STAY WELL. LIVE WELL.

Whether you take class occasionally, once a week or more, we invite you to be part of the revolution.

Whether yoga and pilates are your primary fitness regime or you use them to supplement your other fitness activities, we invite you to be part of the revolution.

This is about shaping and changing the way we look at wellness care as opposed to healthcare.

An exciting part of the revolution begins next month with a collaboration we’ve formed with another boutique fitness studio. Look for details later in December.

We’ll also be launching a dedicated Wellness Revolution Hot Yoga Factory Facebook group for everyone to connect and share ideas, information and to help support one and other. Have an idea or suggestion? Let us know. Revolutions are not linear! They change and shift as conditions on the ground warrant!

Join us! Let’s start The Wellness Revolution together!

–Terri Fry, Director, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford

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