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Sometimes when a student is new to me at The Hot Yoga Factory, I make the assumption that they are also new to this style of yoga. This was true – but incorrect – when Tim Knight first came to one of my classes at The Hot Yoga Factory. I thought he was a brand new student, and expected that he might struggle, as most brand new yogis do, to figure out grips and balancing and how to arrange his arms and legs into postures.

Once class began, it was clear that Tim had done this yoga before. He seemed calm, with a pleasant expression on his face for the whole 90 minutes. His alignment was careful. He worked hard and reacted to “corrections” with ease. Lots of dedication and no drama.  

Tim is proof that you can wobble in a posture, but stay steady in your practice.

One person’s steadiness in the hot room, whether it is physical or mental, can affect everyone around that one person. If you have the chance to set up near Tim during class, his is a wonderful energy to be around.

Read on to learn more about Tim and his practice, and be sure to say hello and introduce yourself next time you see him at the studio!

Also, pay special attention to what Tim says about the balancing series – he makes an offer we won’t want to refuse!  

When did you start practicing hot yoga?

I started practicing back in 2011 and did a few classes for a few years just to supplement other exercises.

What brought you to the THYF studio?

Reputation and location. A friend said it was a great studio, so the place came with a great recommendation. THYF is in between my work in Burlington and my home in Shrewsbury, so it allows me to get to class a bit more often.

What do you remember about your first class?

“It is hot…how many more postures…it is really hot!” It took me a bunch of classes to get past the heat and stop counting postures.

How often do you practice?

I am getting in 4 or 5 times a week right now. I set a goal for myself to try to get 200 classes in 2019, so about 4 times a week.

What physical benefits and changes have you seen from your practice?

Four years ago I hurt my lower back training for a marathon and have been trying to get out of pain. I’ve tried many different paths. A few months back I was about to call the surgeon and get something scheduled. I got to the point of dialing, and then decided to give PT and Bikram yoga one more shot to get me into a better state. I have been pretty dedicated to both over the past 4 months and I am having more good days than bad! Also, I love being able to put my socks on without sitting down, sleeping better, and feeling overall happier.

Has doing this practice affected your life outside the hot room?

I used to run a lot and it helped me stay in a good, even place as it allowed me to set measurable goals and achieve them. Yoga has become a great replacement for running. I feel like each class is an achievement.

What has surprised you about your practice?

I am getting better almost every class. All the instructors have been great about really explaining the dialogue. I have had a few classes where I am just “listening and doing” versus “thinking about a bunch of other things.”

What is your most challenging posture? Why?

The entire balancing series is very hard for me, and Standing Bow and Standing Head to Knee are probably the hardest.

Do you have a favorite posture? What do you like about it?

I look forward to the balancing series because it is hard for me. If I have to choose one, it would be Standing Head to Knee because I know eventually I will be able to do it. How about a promise: when I hold all the balancing series postures without falling out, I will bring donuts or something like that to my next class. [Ellen: Yes to that!]

What is one tip you would give to a new student at THYF?

Tip number one: This is a friendly place. Say “hi” to someone: it feels different from many other places, and everyone has been very nice to me.

Tip number two: You can breathe in postures. Once I realized that I could breathe in every posture, things got easier.

Have you taken Inferno Hot Pilates classes or any of the other classes we offer, like Buti or the e84 Intermediate class? What has your experience been like?

I have taken 1 Hot Pilates class and 2 or 3 intermediate classes. I want to do more of both.

What other activities do you enjoy when you’re not in the hot room?

I have a great family, and we do tons of fun family stuff. I have been section hiking the Appalachian Trail for the last 13 years, and I have about 450 miles to finish. I love to cook and try different foods – – I love to eat!

Is there anything you’d like to add?

THYF is a really great place. The people are friendly and the teachers are fantastic. A really great experience. See you in class.

Yes, see you there, Tim!

–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford


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