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I could write a long, convincing essay about why Gillian and I would love to have you on the HYF training team in preparation for the 2018 Yoga Asana Championships coordinated by USA Yoga.

But let’s keep it simple.

5 Reasons You Should Train for Competition This Year:

  1. It’s not as scary as you think. This year, the first “hurdle” to clear is making a video of a 6-posture yoga routine. No stage. No audience. And if you are invited to compete at next level, even the stage and audience are not as scary as you think.

    Gillian’s Fish Pose, 2015 New England Yoga Asana Championships

  2. It is a little bit scary if you’ve never done it before, but that’s okay. Probably the most nervous you’ll be is the very first day of training, and soon you’ll realize that it’s still just yoga, you do the best you can with the body and brain you have today. That’s it. We and your training teammates will support you with concrete tools and lots of positive attitude, and you’ll amaze yourself.
  3. You have something to teach the other trainees, I guarantee it. Maybe the way you approach a certain posture makes something click for a fellow yogi. Maybe it’s the way you’re able to focus, that determined look in your eyes that inspires the people around you. Maybe you are that easy, warm presence that makes a jittery co-trainee feel calm and relaxed enough to do his best. You have something to teach us, to add to the group, and we need you.
  4. Here we go, Standing Bow!

    You deserve to soar. And I would be shocked if you went through this training and didn’t have more than a few minutes of flying high.

  5. It’s wicked fun. Seriously. And that’s the best reason of all.

–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford



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