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If you haven’t had the chance to take one of Cindy Reardon’s Friday morning yoga or Hot Pilates classes at The Hot Yoga Factory, we hope you’ll find time for one soon. She always brings plenty of high-optimism, high-octane energy into the hot room, and she aims to connect with and motivate each and every student in her classes. When you take class with Cindy, you’ll work hard, but you’ll laugh hard too, and that’s a winning combo!

Tell us what you remember about your first ever Bikram yoga class.

My first ever Bikram class was a blind date! A guy I was talking to online invited me to go to class with him. I was always interested in this “hot” yoga thing so I thought, “Why not?”  I tried to impress this guy that I really liked while sweat was dripping off my face. We saw each other for quite awhile after this class, so I must have not looked too bad. The guy didn’t last but the yoga did! This was 9 years ago.

What kept you coming back?

What kept me coming back was how amazing I felt after class. I was never a flexible person and never really stretched after working out so my body was so happy to have some stretching going on.

What were you like as a beginning student?

As a new student I was just trying to hear everything the teacher said during class. It took me a couple of years to even figure out how to lock my knee – I had no idea what they were talking about!

When did you know you were “hooked?”

I knew I was hooked when all of a sudden I was bending over to pick stuff off the floor without any pain and didn’t have to think about how I was going to bend over. After carrying twins my hips and low back were so stiff that I could hardly bend over.

When did you go to Teacher Training? What made you want to be a teacher?

I went to teacher training summer of 2016. I knew I wanted to teach this yoga when one day after 6 years of regular practice, I was able to get myself into Fixed Firm.  My knees had always been tight and I could never get my hips down to the floor. The teachers kept telling me that one day I would get my hips down – I thought, “Yeah, right.” When it did happen, I thought,  “Wow, they’re not lying, this yoga really works!”

What do you love about teaching?

I love teaching and love watching people’s bodies change. I also love to hear the stories of students telling me how much better they feel since they’ve started practicing.

What do you still love about the yoga?

I still love practicing because I still feel amazing after class. It really is more about my mind now than my body.

Even after all these years, what do you still struggle with in class?

Even after 9 years of practicing, I still struggle with listening to the teacher and not letting my mind wander.

What do you know now that you couldn’t have known without so many years of consistent practice?

If I hadn’t practiced regularly for so many years I wouldn’t have known that I could heal my body with this yoga. The range of motion I have now is so much more than 10 years ago!

Do you have a favorite posture?

My favorite posture changes very regularly, but the one that I ALWAYS love is Half Tortoise. I just love the stretch that I get in my spine.

When did you go to the Hot Pilates training? What do you love about teaching that class?

I went to the Inferno Hot Pilates training in January 2017. I love teaching the Hot Pilates because it takes me back to my days of teaching step aerobics and spin. I loved teaching those classes and the Pilates is very similar, a lot of hooting and woo-hoo! The music is super fun and I love the group energy.

What do you love about being a student in the Hot Pilates classes? What’s challenging?

I love taking the Pilates class too because it really is a great workout producing results. The class is always challenging because we work at 110% in short bouts but we also get a short break in between.

Anything else you’d like us to know?

I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years and I’m a Certified Personal Trainer. I am passionate about inspiring people to be active and get healthy.

Thanks, Cindy!
–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford
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