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If you watch The Great British Baking Show (and if you don’t, you should, it’s so good!), you know how Mary Berry, always encouraging and kind (but with very high standards), seems so sad to tell the bakers when their pies and pastries emerge from the oven with a “soggy bottom: rather than the crisp, well-done base that indicates careful attention to detail.

You guys. Your teachers, always encouraging and kind (but with very high standards), are sad to tell you that some of your sit-ups are…ahem…not as crisp as they could be.

The problem in this case is not your bottom. It’s your belly, your breath, and, alas, your focus and attention to detail.

The good news? Crisping up your sit-up is easy.

For detailed instructions and hints about the mechanics of the sit-up, please read our post from last year.

Here we’ll keep it simple:

  • Keep your arms with your ears.

    Debbie is moving in the right direction, with her chin tucked, her forehead approaching her knees, and elbows bent. Nice work!

  • Your double exhale should be energetic and energizing, strong and from the belly, like the breath during our final breathing exercise.
  • Curl in on yourself right away, attempting to end the posture with your forehead as close to your knees and your elbows as close to the floor as possible, opening the whole back side of your body.

Don’t be shy. Try to make each sit-up strong and crisp, and you’ll feel the benefits throughout the floor series and beyond.

And for those of you who come to Inferno Hot Pilates, you can count on some excellent ab work while you do your sets of straight-legged sit-ups!

–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford

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