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Here’s something I’ve observed more than once:

A student has been “bitten by the yoga bug.” Something has clicked, and they realize how great they feel after class, how coming to class a few times a week keeps everything humming. On their way out of the studio, they pick up one of the little square schedules at the front desk and peer at it closely, planning their classes for the upcoming week.

“Oh, I could never do the 6:30 am. Not a morning person. Not gonna happen.”

My response?

“Why not? Give it a try!”

I’ve been teaching the 6:30 am class once a week for over a year now, and it’s one of my favorite classes to teach. True, true, they’re all my favorite classes, but the 6:30 am is especially focused and sweet.

One of the squares on the Yogi Holiday Challenge is to take a 6:30 am class. So set your alarm and get yourself a sticker, along with the following benefits of an early morning practice.

  1. No traffic on the way to the studio.
  2. The sky is amazing in the morning, whether it’s dark and starry with a sliver of moon or pink-orange with sun.
  3. No one cares how you look because they all still have sleep in their eyes and crazy bedhead themselves.
  4. You get to practice with a crew of especially optimistic, dedicated people.
  5. In the winter, the sun rises while you’re practicing, and the light in the room can be beautiful.
  6. Yes, you might feel a little extra creaky for the first few breaths of Pranayama, the first set of Half Moon, but then you warm right up, and class is just as great as when you practice later in the day.
  7. You feel energized and fantastic by 8 am.
  8. Coffee and breakfast taste especially delicious after class.
  9. You don’t have to spend the day wondering whether you should go to the 4:30 or the 6:30 pm class because you already did your yoga!

You can practice at 6:30 am every Tuesday and Thursday morning at The Hot Yoga Factory. You might discover that an early morning class is just the ticket. ¬†And we’ll be very, very happy to see you walk through the door!

–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford

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