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The Hot Yoga Factory community is full of kind, hard-working people who not only take good care of themselves, but also are generous with their time and resources in the world outside the hot room.

People like Carmen Acabbo.

Carmen works closely with an organization called 50 Legs, which helps children, adults, and members of the military who have lost limbs receive high quality prosthetics that allow them to return to active lives. This wonderful video explains the work they do.

On Saturday, March 3rd, we’ll co-host a special donation Hot Pilates class with Carmen Acabbo to raise money for 50 Legs through Carmen’s Boston Marathon team, These Legs Get Legs.

Class meets from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. 

The suggested donation is $20 per person; any amount is helpful!

And if you can’t make it to the class but would still like to donate to Carmen’s Boston Marathon team, you can do so here.

Carmen answered a few questions about the work she does with 50 Legs. Read on to learn more and be inspired, and then sign up right away for your spot in Saturday’s class.

What is 50 Legs?

50 Legs is a non-profit charity that helps amputees receive the BEST quality prosthetics that they could not otherwise afford on their own. Over the years we have helped children, adults and members of our military live a fuller, independent life with their prosthetic(s).

What role do you play in the organization, Carmen?

I run the Boston Marathon fund raising efforts for 50 Legs each year. We have had a marathon team running the Boston Marathon in 2016, 2017 and this year I am joining the team of (20) runners to fund raise and run the Boston Marathon in April. Last Fall I became a member of the 50 Legs Board of Directors.

You have a very personal connection to the work done by 50 Legs; tell us more about that. 

I was first introduced to 50 Legs in April of 2013.  I had signed up to run my one and done marathon that year. My sister and niece were at the finish line waiting for me to finish when the first bomb exploded. My sister, Celeste Corcoran, lost both of her legs that day and my niece Sydney severed her femoral artery. Two days after Celeste lost her legs Steve Chamberlain – the founder of 50 Legs flew to Boston to meet with us and offered Celeste prosthetics. I have become so actively involved with this charity because it truly saved my sister’s life. Celeste is able to live an independent and full life because of 50 Legs. Over the last 5 years I have watched 50 Legs help so many individuals.  The loss of a limb is so scary and difficult and our organization provides the hand holding to get amputees through this process and off to living their life again.

What else would you like the Hot Yoga Factory community to know about 50 Legs?

Our Boston Marathon team which is called These Legs Get Legs has raised over $300,000 for 50 Legs in the last three years. The marathon fund raiser is the biggest annual fund raiser that 50 Legs does.  Our team of runners all need to raise a minimum of $6,000.00. This donation workout will help me with my fund raising efforts and then directly help an amputee in need. We always have a wait list and events like this help so much!! Thank you for your support!

You are so welcome Carmen. We hope for a big crowd at this Saturday’s class to support the important work you’re doing!

–Ellen Olson-Brown, The Hot Yoga Factory Chelmsford

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